What are the 5 early symptoms of ALS, do you know?

  The onset of ALS is not completely imperceptible. In the early stages of the disease, there are some symptoms that can reflect the disease.People with ALS, when they do some physical work, will feel obvious muscle tremors, that is, they will feel jumping and jumping.

  At the beginning, most patients will feel that the fingers become inflexible. It may be that it is a little hard to bend, or it may be that the fingers have no strength. As time progresses, the inflexibility of the fingers will spread to the arm. .

  What are the 5 early symptoms of ALS, do you know?

  In a very small number of patients, in the early stage of the disease, the tongue is paralyzed, the speech is unclear, and it is very difficult to eat and drink.However, most people do this at a later stage.

  Numbness in the legs and feet is also one of the early common symptoms.Some patients may not have obvious physical lesions, but will find themselves losing weight and often have difficulty breathing.Some patients also experience heart discomfort.