Why can endocrine disorder cause female infertility? Treatment of endocrine infertility

  Endocrine disorders are an important cause of female infertility. The establishment of a normal ovulation cycle requires the normal function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis. Any dysfunction of any of these parts may lead to anovulation, resulting in oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc., resulting in infertility. Infertility caused by this endocrine cause is endocrine disorder infertility. What are the dangers of endocrine disorders?

  1) The insufficiency of the corpus luteum leads to dysplasia of the endometrium, so that the fertilized egg cannot be implanted smoothly, which is one of the cases of endocrine disorder infertility.

  2), polycystic ovary syndrome. Endocrine and metabolic abnormalities, resulting in anovulation, hirsutism, menstrual disorders, obesity, and infertility.

  3), ovulation disorders. Ovulation-stimulating hormones such as follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone are secreted disorderly, and ovarian function is low, resulting in women being unable to ovulate successfully.

  4), premature ovarian failure. The early occurrence of premature ovarian failure is amenorrhea, and there will also be menopausal syndromes such as hot flashes, sweating, and emotional instability.

  Why do endocrine disorders cause female infertility?  Treatment options for endocrine infertility

  Endocrine infertility treatment

  1. Ovulation induction treatment

  There are many drugs for ovulation induction, and they work through different mechanisms. Be careful when using these drugs and only take them under the guidance of a doctor. If used improperly, it will not only have no therapeutic effect, but also lead to symptoms such as multiple pregnancy and miscarriage.

  2. Ultrasound to monitor ovulation

  When taking ovulation induction drugs or during the natural cycle, it is recommended to take B-ultrasound to monitor ovulation. Beginning on the 8th to 10th day of the menstrual cycle, the development of the dominant follicle is observed until ovulation, and the diameter of the follicle is about 20-24ml.

  3. Strengthen the corpus luteum function

  Some women with endocrine infertility are mostly caused by insufficiency of corpus luteum function. Some women have obtained good curative effect after taking drugs and enhanced corpus luteum function. The more commonly used drugs are natural progesterone, chorionic gonadotropin However, these drugs must be taken under the guidance of a doctor, so as not to take them without authorization and have adverse effects.

  4. Prevent miscarriage

  The patient is pregnant after treatment, and the probability of miscarriage is also very high. You can see a doctor regularly to see if you need to take medicine to protect the miscarriage, so as to reduce the miscarriage rate. The usual diet should also avoid cold fruits and soft-shelled turtles. , longan and other foods that are prone to miscarriage.

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