6 simple ways to prevent hair loss every day

  In order to cope with the increasingly serious hair loss, various treatment methods have appeared. Hair transplantation is an emerging hair loss treatment method.

  Treatment options for men often need to consider:

  1. The age of the patient

  Younger people may need more hair volume and require earlier, more aggressive treatment.If the patient is already 50 years old, the treatment will tend to be conservative, focusing on maintaining hair volume.Because after the age of 60, the appearance of male hair loss is not much different from the general senile hair loss.If young people have been identified as male pattern baldness, they should be treated as soon as possible.Once the hair loss time is prolonged, the hair follicles and roots have shrunk, and no matter how good the medicine is, it may not be able to revive the dead, so a hair transplant may be necessary.

  6 simple ways to prevent hair loss every day

  2. The degree of hair loss

  The stages of male pattern baldness are divided into 7 stages according to the severity of hair loss, usually more than stage 3, and the forehead part of the hair loss is quite obvious.Existing non-surgical treatments usually take effect after half a year. About 80% of users with baldness on the top of the head no longer have abnormal hair loss, but they have no obvious effect on forehead hair loss.Oral Baofazhi is generally taken for about four months, and the effect of hair loss on the top of the head begins to appear (up to 80%), but the effect on forehead hair loss is also relatively poor (only more than 30%).Therefore, forehead hair loss often needs to be solved with hair transplantation.

  3. Whether the hair follicle is necrotic

  If the hair follicle is not necrotic, it can be treated with medication, but everyone has seen the effect of the medication, so I won't say much; if the hair follicle is necrotic and no longer grows hair, medication will not make the hair follicle "live" again, only by hair transplant Surgery to save it!The hair follicles of the never-shedding hair on the back of the occiput are transplanted to the "place" that needs to be transplanted, and the new hair that grows back maintains all the biological characteristics of the original hair, and then the occipital hair maintains lifelong growth!

  Everyday tips to prevent hair loss

  Method 1: De-stress.Stress can affect the health of your hair, learn to relieve stress, make yourself more relaxed, and a moment of tranquility can also effectively prevent hair loss.

  Method 2: Stop smoking.Tobacco contains a lot of toxic substances. Smoking will cause premature aging of the body and affect blood circulation, thereby affecting the growth of hair. Stop smoking, not only the body can become stronger, but also the blood circulation will become better, and the hair will naturally be healthy.

  Method 3: Stay hydrated.If you are thirsty, you should drink more water and less coffee and alcohol. Drinking more water can replenish the body's missing water and ensure that the nutrients needed by the hair can reach the hair follicles smoothly.

  Method 4: Add more copper.When there is a lack of copper in the diet, the hair will turn gray, and even hair loss will occur. To prevent hair loss, you should eat more copper-containing foods, such as yams, spinach, blackberries, pineapples, pomegranates, almonds and most meats.

  Method 5: more iodine.Iodine deficiency is not only easy to get big neck disease, but also easy to white hair and hair loss. You should eat more iodine-rich foods in your life, such as carrots and spinach.

  Method 6: Take more protein.Protein is vital to skin and hair health, and you can increase your diet by eating lean meats, poached eggs, and more.


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