What is the cause of severe hair loss?

  Today, hair loss has become a topic of concern to everyone.When I wake up every morning, I can always see the hair falling on the pillow, the sheet, and the floor; the hair falling out in the bathroom at night.

  In short, hair is everywhere, and people are very worried that one day they will suddenly be bald.So,what is the cause of severe hair loss?

  In the past, those who lost their hair and baldness in our impression were the middle-aged people.Nowadays, young people have not completed their careers, and there is not much hair left on their heads.The reasons for hair loss are very complex, and the most common reasons are as follows:

  What is the cause of severe hair loss?

  1. Kidney deficiency

  The kidney stores the essence, and its splendor is growing.The kidney stores the essence of the five viscera and six fu-organs, and deficiency of the kidney results in insufficient blood and essence, which leads to the lack of nutrient supply for the hair, resulting in hair loss, kidney qi failure, and hair loss. Therefore, Chinese medicine says that the first rule of hairdressing is to nourish the kidney.

  2. Endocrine disorders

  Many friends' hair loss is caused by endocrine disorders, such as staying up late. Endocrine disorders are one of the serious causes of hair loss, because too much androgen in the body can cause hair loss.

  3. Malnutrition

  A slender figure is what everyone wants to have, but if you only eat vegetables and vegetarian food in order to maintain your figure, it will lead to hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies for a long time.

  4. Frequent perm and dyed hair

  Hair perming can indeed make us more beautiful, but if the frequency is too high, the hair perm contains a lot of chemical ingredients, which will damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

  5. Lack of sleep

  Sleep is the process of our body repairing itself, and most of the "parts" in the body will be recuperated. If there is not enough rest time, let alone hair loss, even physical health will be affected.So for young people who often stay up late and work overtime, hair loss is no longer a distant thing... Faced with huge pressure, hair loss will also occur.

  6. Lung damage

  The lungs govern the fur, and when the lungs fail, the fur is the first. The lungs are the main oxygen and waste exchange organs in the human body. The strength of the lungs directly affects the inhalation of oxygen, the discharge of wastes, and the nutrient supply in the body. The hair is the end organ of the body, and the lungs Damaged hair loss, hair loss.

  7. Unbalanced diet

  People's living standards have improved, dietary structure has changed, cereals and vegetables have decreased, and fat and protein foods have increased, resulting in unbalanced nutrition in the body, the body's digestion and absorption system is difficult to adapt, resulting in damp-heat in the spleen and stomach, causing disorders and hair loss.For example, trace elements (copper, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, etc.) in the body are closely related to hair, and if they are lacking, it is easy to cause hair loss and hair loss.

  In addition, emotional anxiety, stress, staying up late, excessive dieting, and insufficient protein intake can also cause severe hair loss.

  Every hair is precious. If you want to grow black and beautiful hair, you still need to develop good work and rest habits and a healthy diet.Even shampoo also affects the health of the hair, so ~ hair friends must pay more attention.Anti-off has not yet succeeded, comrades still have to work hard!

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