If you are not pregnant for more than half a year, it is necessary for you to have a salpingography to check your fallopian tube

  Fallopian tube examination is not a must. Generally, doctors will judge whether it is necessary to do it based on the symptoms and the past experience of the couple. But if there are the following categories, it is necessary to do tubal examination.


  1. Have not been pregnant for more than half a year, and have experienced miscarriage before. Consider post-abortion inflammatory infections that block fallopian tubes affect reconception, especially in women who have experienced multiple miscarriages.

  2. Have not been pregnant for more than half a year, and have chronic gynecological inflammation for a long time. The main cause of fallopian tube blockage is chronic inflammatory infection, and it is easy to block the fallopian tube if the gynecological inflammation is not dealt with in time. Because of chronic inflammatory infection, many women have never conceived, but their fallopian tubes will also be blocked.

  3. No pregnancy for more than half a year after taking the ring. The process of taking the ring on the upper ring is easy to breed inflammation, and the birth control ring in the body for a long time will also cause infection of adjacent organs .

  4. Ever had an ectopic pregnancy. Most of these women's fallopian tubes are not open, and some even have one side of the fallopian tube removed. Before trying to conceive again, do a fallopian tube check first to avoid another ectopic pregnancy.

  In addition, even if you decide to have a tubal examination, these mistakes should be avoided:

  1. Blindly check the fallopian tubes through water. The process of water passage will damage the villi of the fallopian tubes, and the reproductive function of the originally unobstructed fallopian tubes will decline after water passage;

  2, the nearest fallopian tube examination. At present, the more advanced one is tubal iodine angiography, but in some prefecture-level hospitals, iodine oil angiography is still used, and the operation process is not professional, and the test results vary greatly;

  3. The water is unobstructed but not pregnant, and the fallopian tubes are no longer checked. It is not accurate to check the fallopian tubes through water, such as unobstructed or unobstructed fallopian tubes and adhesions between the fallopian tubes and adjacent organs.

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