Premature ovarian failure causes ovulatory dysfunction, these reasons should be vigilant!

  In recent years, among women with infertility, the number of people suffering from ovulatory dysfunction has increased, and most of them are urban workplace women. The primary cause is premature ovarian failure.

  Ovary, as the 'source of life' of women's health and beauty, its main function is to produce eggs, to complete the mission of women's pregnancy; to secrete a variety of hormones and growth factors, to maintain the youthful and harmonious state of the human body system and multiple parts. Once the ovarian function is abnormal, it will lead to various diseases, and it will also lead to the rapid aging of various parts of the human body, thereby causing infertility.


  Causes of premature ovarian failure:

  01. Related to mental stress

  As a modern person, many people feel the existence of pressure. Work and life are rolling in. If they do not have a good ability to withstand pressure, they are always depressed, which will also lead to premature ovarian failure in women.

  02. It is related to living habits

  If you often stay up late, smoke, have an irregular diet, and have an unbalanced nutritional intake, these reasons will lead to premature menopause in women. Because staying up late and smoking will affect the endocrine of women, the reaction to the uterus will cause premature ovarian failure.

  03. Related to reproductive age

  There are more and more women in the workplace, and most of them want to start their careers first and then consider fertility issues, which has led to the increase in the age of childbearing from about 26 to 27 years old to 29 years old in recent years. The number of elderly mothers is also increasing. It is clinically found that the older the female is at the first pregnancy, the faster the premature ovarian failure.


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