Sperm health, from these three aspects can be seen

  In normal times, if we want to know whether our sperm is healthy or not, we may be able to see it from these three aspects, or there are three commonalities, but many male friends will not pay attention to it.


  no odor


  If the semen smells very fishy, ​​​​it is likely that there is inflammation in the reproductive organs.

  Because normal semen should have no odor, but if there is some other odor in semen, you not only need to observe it yourself, but it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

  Otherwise, it will easily make your body worse and worse, and it may also affect your normal life and work.



  color off-white


  The normal color of semen should be grayish white or milky white. If the color of semen appears yellow-green, it is likely to be caused by bacterial and viral infection.

  Because the color of the semen changes, it means that there is a problem with the male friend's urethra or reproductive organs, which affects the quality of sperm, thereby reducing the quality of sperm, or bringing out some bacteria and viruses during ejaculation.

  If there is red in the semen, it is very likely that there is blood in the semen, and you must go to the hospital for examination in time.



  "Quantity" is moderate


  The amount of ejaculate should be moderate, that is, the content of semen, should be around two milliliters.

  If the amount of semen is too low or too much, it means that your semen volume is abnormal, and the quality of sperm is declining, which will have a certain impact on fertility.

  Therefore, after having sex, male friends can observe the "quantity" of their ejaculation to know whether their body is good or not, or whether the sperm is strong or not.


  - at last -

  In daily life, you must take a good look at your body and observe the quality of your semen.

  Because it is related to one's fertility and one's male dignity, if the sperm quality of male friends is poor, it will also make oneself faceless, and it will be more difficult to conceive.


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