Symptoms of orchitis, how to prevent orchitis!

  Once a man finds out that his balls are painful, he becomes very nervous, so do you know what causes the pain in the balls? Let's take a look below.

  Symptoms of Orchitis

  Testicular pain: Testicular pain can be said to be the most typical symptom of orchitis. All when we have testicular pain and we exclude trauma, it may be orchitis. In addition, this testicular pain may also radiate to the groin and the root of the thigh, sometimes making it difficult to move.

  Testicular redness and swelling: When the testis is inflamed, there will be redness and swelling in the early stage, and there will also be a slight pain, and when the testis is gently massaged, the pain will increase rapidly.

  Urgency of urination and dysuria: When orchitis occurs, there will be urgency to urinate, and sometimes it will lead to frequent urination, and there will be pain when urinating, making urination difficult.

  Hematospermia: Sperm comes out from the testicles, and at this time, if the testicles are inflamed, it will cause blood clots in the semen, which will cause symptoms of hematospermia, so the symptoms of hematospermia are also orchitis. a symptom.


  Ways to prevent orchitis

  1. Men can do testicular massage and maintenance at ordinary times. They can choose to gently massage their testicles for about 10 minutes before going to bed every night. Regular adherence will have a very high effect on the maintenance of testicles.

  2. When we find inexplicable pain in the testicles when we massage the testicles, it may be that orchitis is onset, so we must go to the hospital for examination and timely treatment to avoid other diseases.

  3. Remember to protect your private parts in normal times, and don't let your private parts be hurt. For example, don't wear tight pants or jeans at ordinary times, it is easy for the testicles to be rubbed by the pants all the time, which will damage the testicles and cause orchitis.

  4. Do not eat mutton and pig trotters and other foods that can easily cause inflammation. Because these inflammatory foods can easily spread inflammation in some parts of the body, which can easily lead to orchitis indirectly.

  5. You should drink more water at ordinary times, don't hold back your urine, and try not to sit for a long time, otherwise it is very easy to cause prostatitis, and prostatitis is directly related to orchitis, and the two often appear at the same time.


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