What side effect can testicular puncture have, can you affect testicular function?

Get the semen test report, if it shows no sperm, please don't panic. Because the doctor still needs to look further to see if there is sperm in your testicles to determine whether you have the possibility of having children of your own, a testicular puncture is required.

The testicular puncture we often say is an abbreviation, and its full name is testicular puncture and sperm extraction. That is, the testis is punctured through the skin, and the tissue or seminiferous tubules in the testis are extracted by suction.

Is a testicular puncture a pain in the ass?

At the moment when many patients are told that testicular puncture is needed, one of the questions that patients and their families are very concerned about is will it hurt?

In fact, it's not as "painful" as imagined, and spermatic nerve block anesthesia will be used during testicular puncture, which is the preferred anesthesia method for intrascrotal surgery. This is because the innervation of the testis is mainly derived from the nerves in the spermatic cord. By blocking the nerves in the spermatic cord, the purpose of pain relief or no pain during the operation is achieved. This is a fast, efficient, inexpensive, and safe method of anesthesia.

In addition, spermatic nerve block anesthesia is a local anesthesia method that temporarily blocks nerve impulses without affecting perception. Therefore, during the operation, you can feel the suction and other processes, which is normal, so you must be calm. As long as you can usually tolerate pain like injections, you can also tolerate the pain of testicular puncture after anesthesia through spermatic nerve block.

Who needs a testicular puncture?

1. Non-obstructive azoospermia, testicular volume ≥6ml;

2. Obstructive azoospermia, the epididymis fails to find available sperm;

3. Extreme oligozoospermia or occult spermatozoa, insufficient sperm in the semen or not suitable for ICSI;

4. Sexual dysfunction, amenorrhea, and retrograde ejaculation cannot obtain available sperm after treatment;

5. Temporary sperm retrieval difficulties in ART.

What preparations do I need to do before piercing?

Although testicular puncture is not a major operation, it is an invasive operation after all. Like other operations, some related preparations need to be done before the operation to reduce the risk of damage to the testis. First of all, it is necessary to improve some blood routine, coagulation function, infectious disease series and electrocardiogram. Know whether there is inflammation, abnormal blood coagulation, infectious diseases or arrhythmia, etc. At the same time, patients with azoospermia need to improve the related tests of genetic examination and spermatogenesis evaluation in advance. Generally, the doctor needs to check the test results. After meeting the puncture requirements, the operation date will be agreed. There is no need to fast on the day of the operation. The wife should accompany you, and bring the ID cards and marriage certificates of both parties. The operation is an outpatient operation and does not require hospitalization. You can go home about an hour after the puncture. In patients with contraindications to surgery, puncture is not recommended.

Will testicular puncture have any side effects? Will it cause loss of testicular function?

In addition to fear of pain, many people are also worried about the danger of testicular puncture. Under normal circumstances, there are about 300-1000 seminiferous tubules in the testis. For testicular puncture and sperm retrieval for assisted reproduction, the testicular tissue removed is extremely small. Only one hair in males is long and thin, which will not affect the testis. The structure of the seminiferous tubules and the effect of the output ducts. However, the puncture process may touch the blood vessels in the testis, resulting in a testicular hematoma. The wound needs to be kept dry after surgery, and oral antibiotics can be given to prevent infection. If there is a hematoma, reduce activities, rest in bed, usually about 2 weeks, the hematoma will be absorbed by itself, and the pain will be relieved. If the hematoma enlarges, you need to go to the hospital for treatment. But this happens very rarely.

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