Testicles too small to cause infertility? Protect the testicles pay attention to 3 periods

  When it comes to infertility, most people think it's a sperm problem, and don't delve into other possible causes. In fact, observing and judging the size of the testicles can determine whether you can be a "good dad". This is because the testicles contain seminiferous tubules that make sperm.

  In general, the size of the testicles has an impact on the level of testosterone in a man. Within the normal testicular size range, the larger the testis, the higher the testosterone, and the conversely, the lower the testosterone level.


  Under normal circumstances, the size of the testicles of yellow males is 15~25 ml on the side, the size of testicles of white males is about 20~30 ml, and the testicles of African males will be larger.

  If it is less than 12 milliliters, it is called "small testicle", which is morbid and may reduce the ability to produce sperm, and the smaller testicle will lose fertility.

  Therefore, female friends must not blindly pursue "small eggs", because the testicles are too small, the greater the possibility of no sperm, and the lower the probability of having the next generation.


  How to judge the normal "size" of testicles?

  How many or small testicles are normal? When measuring the size of the testis, carefully squeeze the testis under the skin of the scrotum with the thumb and middle finger to completely expose the volume outline of the testis, and then compare and measure it after confirming that it is not the epididymis.

  When measuring the size of the testis, you can use a caliper scale to measure the vertical axis, horizontal axis and thickness of the testis, and then calculate the volume of the testis. If the testis volume of an adult is less than 10 ml, it is a small testis, and if it exceeds 25 ml, it is a large testis, both of which are abnormal.


  Male fertility with normal testicles can generally be maintained for a long time, and some people think that fertility will gradually weaken until after the age of 55. Historically, Picasso, Chaplin, etc. are all typical examples of old age.

  Under normal circumstances, the self-examination of men in their 50s finds that they are still very elastic, and the volume of the testicles has not decreased significantly. After the age of 60, the testicles become soft and the volume gradually increases.


  Care of the testicles should pay attention to 3 periods

  fetal period

  From birth to 2 years old, pay attention to observe whether there is a "cryptorchidism" in yourself. In boys, the testicles are hidden in the abdomen and descend into the scrotum after birth. The testes require an ambient temperature 2°C lower than body temperature.

  If a baby boy's testicles do not descend normally and continue to stay in the abdominal cavity, they may be damaged by heat, which will not only lead to subfertility or complete loss of fertility in adulthood, but also a higher risk of testicular cancer.

  After the baby boy is born, parents should pay attention to observe whether there is content the size of broad bean in the scrotum. If the scrotum is empty, it should be treated as soon as possible.



  Pay attention to whether the child's male hormones are normally secreted. Of the two male hormones, epinephrine levels start to rise from around age seven, and testosterone increases from age ten.


  Usually 10-12-year-old boys grow pubic hair, the testicles enlarge, and they begin to have the ability to produce sperm. If the child's testicles are big on one side and small on the other, it is normal as long as the difference is not particularly disparity.

  Parents should remind boys to pay attention to their own changes. At this stage, mumps, commonly known as "mumps", should be prevented.

  The mumps virus can invade the testis, causing damage to the seminiferous tubules. Studies have shown that about 30% of men aged 13-18 suffer from orchitis after suffering from mumps.


  In addition, male friends should usually pay attention to avoid trauma to the testicles. It is best to clean the genitals once a day; reduce the number of bicycle rides to avoid pressure on the testicles; friends who have sex should pay attention to moderation to avoid testicular damage caused by improper sex.

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