What is grey market trading? Futu Securities launches Hong Kong stocks to play a new artifact - grey market trading

What is a dark disk?
As Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect prohibits grey market trading, A shares do not have a grey market trading system for new shares, and there are only a handful of brokerages in the market that provide the grey market function . Mainland investors who are unfamiliar with the Hong Kong stock market will probably understand “grey market trading” literally. Negative meaning for shady trading, black box operations, etc.
Actually, not so. Below, please enjoy a dark disc stand-up comedy brought by an old driver~
"Grey market trading" refers to the public trading that is different from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It does not go through the exchange system, but through the internal system established by the securities firm to match quotations. Usually, the grey market trading occurs after the market closes the day before the listing of new shares.
This time, Futu launched the dark market trading function, providing real-time time-sharing, daily K, weekly K, transaction by tick, five-level order book, queue broker code and other rich market data. Third, the industry's extremely low commission scheme with a minimum of three Hong Kong dollars, and supports the use of financing transactions.
Why participate in grey market trading?
Through the above description, it is not difficult to find that the dark market is actually an advance trading of stocks. If a stock we like doesn't win the lottery, use the grey market to buy it before it goes public. If you hold new shares, whether it is to lock in profits or stop losses in advance, you can use the grey market to achieve it.
In addition, new stocks with relatively large valuations usually have a sponsor to protect the market on the first day of listing. If the price of the grey market drops significantly, you can buy it and sell it to the sponsor on the first day to obtain income. To sum up, the significance of dark disk for newcomers is self-evident. However, there are risks in investing, and the dark market is no exception. It is recommended that unfamiliar children's shoes should study clearly before making decisions.
National commission-free registration for dark market
For Futu Securities' this black market free commission activity, you need to obtain the commission free qualification on the event page, click "read the original text" at the bottom of the article to enter the page to register.
Commission-free days are counted from the date of successful registration, and the date of receipt of the successful registration text message, until the end of the event. Registration before 24:00 on the same day will be exempted from the commission of grey market trading on that day.
The actual commission generated from the successful registration date to the end date of the event will be distributed to the customer's account in the form of cash seeds after the event ends. I heard that the new stocks that forwarded the article to the circle of friends all opened higher~
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